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Moorish Mosque Kapurthala
Moorish Mosque Kapurthala

Conceived by M. Manteaux, the mosque was built in 1930. Its construction was started in 1927. Three years and some…

Jagatjit Palace

Jagatjit Palace was the residence of the erstwhile Maharaja of the State of Kapurthala, Maharaja Jagatjit Singh. The palace was…

Panch Mandir Kapurthala
Panch Mandir Kapurthala

Panch Mandir of Kapurthala is a place of reverence for all faiths. This temple is home to five small temples….

State Gurudwara sahib Kapurthala
The State Gurudwara Sahib Kapurthala

The striking red sandstone building(now painted white) of the state Gurudwara was consecrated in 1915. Built in the Indo- Saracenic…