Classical Music in Kapurthala

1.Indian classical music


In the history of Indian classical music, Kapurthala emerged as an important Centre for classical music under royal patronage and specially that of Kanwar Bikrama Singh and Raja Sir Daljit Singh. The known tradition began in 1858 when a descendant of Mian Tansen was brought to Kapurthala by Kanwar Bikrama Singh of Kapurthala.

Patiala Gharana has been given a place of prominence to the pointed of exclusion of other gayakies like Kapurthala. People like you don ’t know that there is a Mazar of Mir Nasir Ahmed, the founder of Kapurthala tradition in Kapurthala.

Punjab has also given some Raags to Indian classical music, among the most well known are Kasuri Bhairavi, Sindhura, Multani Jaiyaiwanti, Jogiya, Asa Kafi, Pahari, Sorath and Varhans. The oldest Festival of India is the Harvallabh Festival of Music being held in Jallandhar for the 127 years. Pt. Bhimsen Joshi and Bhaskarbua Bakhle spent some years in the Punjab in the pursuit of there taleem. And so evolved a significant tradition which flows on in a never-ending stream.


2.Fairs and Festivals


Kapurthala is land of festivals.During the Basant Panchami, the Maharaja would ride the elephant caparisoned in yellow regalia and visit the Shalimar Gardens amidst the people all dressed in yellow. Even now, people converge at the river Bein to celebrate Baisakhi.

The Government of Punjab has ushered in a glorious era of cultural renaissance by organizing Heritage Festivals in Kapurthala, Amritsar and Patiala. The Baba Jassa Singh Kapurthala Heritage Festival is held under the aegis of the Kapurthala Heritage Trust, in collaboration with INTACH, (The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) and supported by Government of Punjab.