Arogya Setu


THE BEAUTY OF AROGYA SETU… So Effective… Proud of NIC Team

Know what is Arogya Setu App
Why is it necessary to install

Many of you installed
But you thought that was unnecessary
You must have uninstalled it as well

I also installed two or three times then removed
Now know ..

This app asks you something like if you have a cough
Have fever
Have trouble breathing

Sure you will write

After that you will be seen in Green Zone
you would think
There is nothing in this app
Is complete nonsense

This app tells to keep blue tooth and location on.
You always keep on

Whenever you go to a crowded place
This app keeps sending messages from nearby mobile phones with blue tooth.

When you are standing next to someone, you also belong to the green zone.
The person standing nearby is also a normal person with a green zone.
But if that person becomes corona positive for some reason after 10 days from today
So this app will alert you immediately
And your green color will change to orange or yellow

It will say
You went to the dairy 10 days before taking milk
The guy with the blue shirt
She is now corona positive

That is, 10 days ago he had a hidden infection which is now clearly visible.

Now make your inquiry immediately
Also this app will give information to all those people
All of you have come to the danger zone because of that man
Check immediately

With everyone’s location on, they will also know the movement of all of them.
And fighting corona would be easy

You send this post to whatsapp
Convince people
The day millions of people install it
It will ring as soon as you go to any person in the Orange Zone.
This will alert you of the hot spot by alarm so that you can change the way.


THE BEAUTY OF AROGYA SETU… So Effective… Proud of NIC Team

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Hon’ble Prime Minister recommended Aarogya Setu app to fight against COVID19. Please download and share it using this link Android :
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