Moorish Mosque Kapurthala


Conceived by M. Manteaux, the mosque was built in 1930. Its construction was started in 1927. Three years and some six lakhs of rupees later, the Mosque was completed. It was inspired by the Qutbia Mosque in Marakesh, and consecrated in the presence of Nawab Sadiq Mohd. Khan Bhadur, the Nawab of Bhawalpur.

Photo Gallery

  • Moorish Mosque at kapurthala
    Moorish Mosque Kapurthala
  • Inside View of Moorish Mosque Kapurthala
    Moorish Mosque Kapurthala
  • Front View of Moorish Mosque Kapurthala
    Moorish Mosque Kapurthala

How to Reach:

By Air

Kapurthala does not have an airport of its own, with the nearest airport being the Raja Sani Airport at Amritsar, which is at a distance of 75 km. It has a chain of flights operating both within and outside the country. Various domestic flights, like Indian Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines, and Spice Jet, come in and go out of this airport at, regular intervals. They connect Punjab with major cities of India, like Delhi, Jammu, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, etc. Besides, international flights like Turkmenistan Airlines, Uzbekistan Airlines, and Air India connect it with foreign countries like London, Toronto via Birmingham, Singapore, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and others.

By Train

Kapurthala falls on the Jalandhar- Ferozpur railway line. The railway station has low-frequency trains running from and to major cities of the country. The main trains passing through the city are 9226 Express-UP, 2JF Passenger-Down, 1JF Passenger-Up, and 7JF Passenger-UP. The city is well connected by rail to major places both within and outside Punjab, like Delhi, Bathinda, Jammu, Jalandhar, Ferozpur, Veraval, etc.

By Road

Kapurthala falls on the Jalandhar-Ferozpur road. The city is conveniently connected to major cities both within and outside Punjab, through a wide network of roads. Important places like Jammu, Shimla, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Rajasthan and Delhi are well connected to Kapurthala by road. Both private and government owned buses run from the city, connecting it to different parts of the country. Taxis and autos run within the city, allowing for convenient short trips.